Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lisa's Links: Environment/Earth Day

Here is a collection of links about environmental groups as well as Earth Day and the environmental movement for you to browse.
  • The official US Government Page about Earth Day
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Earth Day Site
  • History of Earth Day by its founder, Senator Gaylord Nelson (d.2005) from Wisconsin
  • Earth 911: You can find out about Environmental Activism by zip code or city
  • Green Nobel Prizes: 2003 article on seven winners of an international award to 7 people from all over the world who took great risks to protect the environment such as Australian Aboriginal elders Eileen Kampakuta Brown and Eileen Wani Wingfield fighting nuclear testing in their region, Von Hernandez opposing waste incineration in the Philippines and Julia Bonds, a former Pizza Hut waitress who became a full-time leader of the campaign to stop mountaintop-removal mining.
  • Environmental Justice: Links to resources on environmental groups that address issues social justice issues and how they relate to the environment. Includes an organization in Atlanta - check out this list - really inspiring organizations.
  • Friends of Nature: (in Chinese). Founded by Liang Congjie in China. The Friends of Nature conduct educational activities, tree planting and work with the media to make Chinese people more aware of environmental problems.
  • Envirolink: links to many different resources by topic from "Agriculture" to "Wildlife"
  • African American Environmentalist Association: Environmental activist organization
  • Greenpeace: Environmental activist organization
  • Sierra Club: Environmental activist organization
  • Climate Site for information and educational resources addressed in the movie "An Inconvenient Truth". If you haven't seen this movie, important one to view even if you don't like Al Gore and think you'll disagree with the findings.
  • Maria Valdez: An Environmental Activist - just one of millions out there - feel free to post more!!!
  • Step it Up: I just heard the founder of this on the radio! You can put in your zip code and find some innovative "actions" people are taking for climate change. Founded by a professor and students from Vermont.