Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Hi! My name is Lisa Link. I am a digital artist and also a full-time web designer at Yale University. I'm honored to be working with you this coming Thursday. In the morning, I will be visiting your class and I will also be available at times during the afternoon if anyone is interested in discussing their web portfolio projects and getting some outside feedback.

The theme for the morning workshop will be artists and community activisim. To explore this theme, we will embark on a small-literally, very small, 4x6"-artist activist project. You will have the choice of working indvidually on your project or in groups. The goal will be to create a text/image montage as a personal response to Earth Day. How you interpret this theme is up to you - it could be spiritual, political, humorous, conceptual, cynical...there are many approaches that you could use. We will spend time in class brainstorming ideas. I am posting things on this blog during the week that might give you ideas to bring with you that morning.

Please take a little time this week to explore some of the links that I am posting. If you email me ( I'll add you to the Blog and you can add your own posts. We will print out the pieces on 4x6" postcard paper in the lab and then include them as part of your campus Earth Day event on April 23.

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