Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lisa's Links: Artists and the Environment

Below, please find a collection of links to artists who address environmental issues in their work. This is not a complete list - that would be impossible, just a glimpse to give you some ideas. I will be updating this list prior to the workshop.
A site with links to artists and projects as well "calls" for participation, calendar of events, opportunities, one of the more comprehensive art/environmental resources.

An indepth resource on arts and community activism. This link goes directly to the environmental section. they have a good essay, "
An Introduction to Community Art and Activism"

Women Environmental Artists Directory

Is as the title states - links to different artist projects - yes - all women.

9 Mile Run Greenway Project
An amazing long term project in Pittsburgh, PA led by Reiko Goto and Tim Collins that illustrates how artists can work with many different constituencies in a region to effect change

Public Smog
Amy Balkin's project where she embraces the "smog credit" purchase system and uses it to create a public space above the planet.

Green Arts Web
A resource for art and environment with links to exhibits that took place in Pittsburgh, PA. Has a reference section with lists of publications.

SOS Fish
Cindy Snodgrass's community/public art project inviting passers by to paint and hang fish to raise awareness about water issues. Uses traditional techniques - paint, wire, cardboard, and verbal outreach to connect with a site-specific audience.

Operation Greenrun II

Follow "Public Art" link. New Media artist/professor Craig Freeman outside the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons facility in Colorado in 1990. Desktop published a series of billboards that were a catalyst for change. Check out his work in Second Life, links from this site.

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